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We help people just like you create life-mastering breakthroughs through live, experiential workshops.

For those in life who seek MORE-

To Encounter your Authentic Self is to look into a mirror and see through

the eyes of Source. 

About the event

Your Authenticity Sherpas

Authentic Self Seminars was born out of Dr. Amanda and Dr. Robert Love's Mission to BRING MORE TO THE WORLD! Through more than 20 years of study in the fields of human belief systems, theology, human behavior, medicine, chiropractic and wellbeing, Drs. Love have developed a series of programs to help the lay person shed their defense story, take control of their life and connect with their Authentic Self. Once you've encountered your Authentic Self, no interaction will ever be the same again. 

It's about shedding your defenses, recognizing and reorganizing your defense patterns, increasing the adaptability of your nervous system and encountering the world as the most Authentic version of yourself. It's about having the TOOLS and the SKILL SET to reset and recenter at any moment, on your own!

What will your life be like once you take control? How much more will you offer when you're not living in defense? What will your love, career and family life be like when you live in your Authenticity?



"It felt like I had linked my being to the entire Universe... My heart felt connected to All that IS and All that will Ever Be... to Instantaneously feel that opening in your heart where you understand that love is so abundant and all around us and flooding the Earth at all times and all we have to do is tap into it-

I cannot be grateful enough."


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